What Does an F18 Night Vision Lens and have to do with a Guitar Pick?

What does an F18 night vision lens have in common with a guitar pick? Some pretty awesome things, that’s what.

F18s are smooth, sleek, and sexy, just like Rock Hard Picks. With it’s unique color scheme and diamond-like carbon (DLC), this hard pick will allow you to play without the annoying resistance common with plastic picks. String breakage is virtually non-existent with this low friction diamond-like nanotechnology created through a unique trade secret process. This top secret new coating technique is the talk of the industry. Crafted by a former NASA physicist and musician, its low friction coefficient won’t break your strings and will allow you to shred flawlessly as you rock hard.

Dr. Jerry Mearini’s Gibson SG is a permanent fixture in his office at GENVAC Aerospace Inc., the birthplace of Rock Hard Picks. Mearini has a Ph.D. in Thin Film physics from Case Western Reserve University and also worked as a physicist at NASA. His science background paired with his 40+ years as a musician blended perfectly as he analyzed the physics involved with the flawless flow of music. Mearini noticed that as he played faster, his plastic picks had to keep getting thicker to reduce flexing, until it was a cumbersome 2 mm thick. “Response time from the lack of flex of Rock Hard Picks effects playing. You move your hand less to get the same number of picks with less effort,” he said.

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